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Senior Analyst - Intelligence, Corporate Investigation Services

Position Purpose:
• Conduct and lead complex domestic and international enhanced due diligence (“EDD”) investigations across the Enterprise which mitigate financial, reputational, regulatory and legal risk using established investigative research procedures and in accordance with RBC Policies. These investigations include sophisticated analysis and professional reporting of fraud, corruption, international political stability and other risk factors.
• Assignments often are very sensitive and highly confidential and some will involve providing recommendations and advice to senior executives and in-house and external legal counsel.
• Identify and document intelligence that mitigates financial, reputational, regulatory and legal risk
• Committed to on-going professional development to ensure that knowledge is current and comprehensive and to ensure that outcomes, including decisions and recommendations are based on a thorough understanding of risk and made in the context of relevant and full knowledge. Communicate relevant new intelligence tools and knowledge to manager and team members.

Key Accountabilities:

• Conduct complex EDD for RBC partners across the Enterprise on parties located in Canada and throughout the world. This will entail conducting research in multiple languages as well as identifying and analysing risk in complex legal proceeding court filings and publicly traded company filings with regulators.
• Conduct specialized investigative research, analysis and professional reporting for:
-CIS fraud-related investigations, including conducting comprehensive background information, locating assets and people, criminal convictions and civil proceedings, analysing the validity and ownership of websites, and other relevant factors
-complex and difficult referrals escalated from other areas such as Compliance, HR, Ombudsman Office, the Corporate Secretary and Law Group
- Initial Public Offerings and multi million dollar capital markets deals
- Proposed RBC vendors with multi million dollar product/service contracts
• Develop and expand sophisticated sources of intelligence used to conduct EDD and to prevent fraud.
• Advise CIS senior management of EDD and fraud issues, significant control weaknesses or deficiencies and trends identified using standardized reporting in a timely manner
• Provide assistance to clients in the event of the EDD Manager’s absence
• Manage CIS’ EDD vendor contracts
• Provide statistical reporting to the EDD manager as required

• Provide enterprise-wide enhanced due diligence support
• Investigations may have significant reputational, legal or financial impact to RBC
• Authority to engage professional services in the EDD effort subject to delegation of financial authorities
• Authority to impose account restrictions where RBC faces potential risk
• Expense authority with approved business plan


• Reports directly to Manager, Enhanced Due Diligence
• Works closely with other EDD analysts providing expertise in conducting investigative research
• Partners with Regional Management in Personal and Business Clients Canada (Banking, Investments and Insurance)
• Partners with Regional Management in all other platforms i.e., Global Capital Markets, Global Technology and Operations and U.S. and International businesses
• Partners with Regional Management in Functional groups such as Group Risk Management, Internal Audit, Law and Systems & Technology
• Partners with Human Resources, Advisory Services Group

• Domestic and international third party vendors
• Counterparts in other Canadian financial institutions
• Peers in similar investigative bodies

Job Requirements: (Knowledge/ Experience):
 Sophisticated knowledge of the content and skilled in accessing information aggregators such as Lexis - Nexis, Infomart, Factiva, Pacer, QL, Worldcheck, and Complinet and obtaining open source intelligence.
 Strong knowledge of the content of Canadian, American and UK public records (such as corporate registries, land title records, bankruptcy, secured loans and liens, court filings) and the ability to obtain these records from electronic sources and third parties, if necessary.
 Advanced knowledge and skills in using Google and “deep web” internet search engines including the ability to identify authoritative sources.
 Proven strong analytical skills in reviewing large amounts of complex information, assessing risk and making recommendations
 Able to lead by example through provision of knowledge, cooperation and teamwork.
 Effective and strong written and oral communication skills
 Highly developed organizational skills
 Strong time management and prioritization skills in order to balance multiple complex files
 Ability to investigate and provide professional reports with tight deadlines
 Highly skilled in Microsoft Word computer application
 Minimum 5 years experience in conducting investigative research/EDD and information retrieval
 Experience in conducting due diligence, including conducting telephone interviews with third parties and preparing professional and analytical reports
 Thorough understanding of normal business practices

• University degree or equivalent experience
• Knowledge of banking processes
• Knowledge of applicable foreign government and United Nations public records
• Ability to read another language, such as French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German, Italian, or Portuguese.
• Ability to conduct and/or coordinate domestic and international EDD investigations with third party vendors

Behavioural Competencies
• Adaptability (3)
• Analytical Thinking (4)
• Building Partnerships with Stakeholders (5)
• Commitment to Continuous Learning (2)
• Conceptual Thinking (4)
• Concern for Order and Quality (1)
• Consulting Orientation (3)
• Customer Service/Service Partner Orientation (8)
• Dealing with Ambiguity (5)
• Information Seeking (4)
• Knowledge Transfer (3)
• Leadership (6)
• Listening, Understanding and Responding (2)
• Relationship Building (6)
• Self-Confidence (3)
• Sense of Urgency (3)
• Teamwork and Cooperation (4)


The position is largely office with significant amounts of time spent reading and using a computer. The nature of the position requires the ability to assess risk within the framework of a financial institution. This task involves processing large amounts of complex information, and an ability to make sound recommendations and/or decisions within tight time frames. Self-discipline, experienced and mature judgement, attention to detail and the ability to work under volume and time pressures are essential.

The position may require the attendance at meetings with internal and external clients, as well as briefing executive and senior management.
In general, the position requires a significant and sustained mental and physical effort. The position can be very stressful unless properly self-managed.

Occasional travel may be required.

Required Skills/ Competencies/ Attributes:


Required Accreditation(s):

Special Conditions:

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