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Portuguese Customer Support Specialist

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Job Description
The Customer Support Specialist is responsible for providing quality and timely customer support to the clients in their particular language market.

The Duties and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Providing online support and respond in written communication to client emails; Providing phone support to our VIP clients on an exclusive and limited basis; Assisting in completing translations for our websites and promotional material to clients on an as-needed basis; Conducting online research regarding the trends in your language market; Monitoring language forums in our industry focusing mainly on the specific country of your market and any adjacent countries that speak the same language; Providing necessary feedback/suggestions/improvements to your Manager in areas of customer service and customer satisfaction; Assisting the manager in developing team efficiency processes and improvements to operating procedures.

Required Skills
Verbal and written fluency in Portuguese; Verbal and written fluency in English and/or French is an asset; Possess a full understanding of Portuguese culture, language, market and trends; Attention to detail; Customer friendly attitude; Capable of working with limited supervision; Ability to understand a third language is desirable; Able to adapt and respond to cultural differences in a respectful and professional manner; Able to quickly adapt to and work with new software tools.

Required Experience
1-5 years of Customer Service related experience and prior living/work experience in Portugal/Brasil or other Portuguese speaking country; Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Marketing or Translation (or equivalent) or in the process of receiving a degree is preferred; Advanced experience with Microsoft Office; Excellent ability to search for information on the internet.

Job Location Montreal, PQ, CANADA
Position Type Full-Time/Regular

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  1. Claudinha esses vagas postadas são para residentes no Canada ou pra quem está aqui no Brasil. Me manda noticias Fábbio de Sampa.