domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

Video Games Tester - Canada (Quebec) - German or Portuguese or Finnish

If playing games is your passion congratulations! You can earn your life by testing videogames!

Enzyme Testing Labs is looking for Linguistic Testers willing to be part of our QA department.

Under the supervision of the Project Manager the Linguistic Tester is responsible of finding:

• Linguistic bugs of the tested language (grammar, orthography, punctuation ...)
• Wrong translations
• Check accuracy of audio and subtitles

Skills needed:

• Native speaker of any of these languages; German, Portuguese, Finnish
• Good level of ENGLISH
• A real passion playing games in different platforms

Special considerations for this position:

Testing videogames is a dynamic area and the workload might change quickly, therefore candidates might be flexible to work more than hours when needed and perform other tasks when requested by the Project Manager.

Personal Skills:
Organized, rigorous, detailed, autonomy, adaptable, analytical, stamina for repetitive tasks, observant, skills for customer services, pro-active


Salary range 1000 Eur- 1300 Eur gross per month depending on the experience

***Flight ticket paid by Enzyme***

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