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Portuguese Localization Testers Needed

About Laboratoires Bug-Tracker Inc.

Bug-Tracker is a leading Quality Assurance and Localization services provider to publishers and developers in the video games industry. A key factor that differentiates us is our global foothold in North America, Europe and Asia, where our ultra-secure laboratories are located. This allows us to deliver superior services to our worldwide customers through local contacts and resources.

For the last ten years, Bug-Tracker has managed projects in 15 languages for more than 200 clients and partners in over 26 countries. Thanks to the quality of our work, our proven methodologies and our innovative approach to testing, we have successfully worked on more than 3,000 projects including those involving consoles, PC, online games and websites.
Job description:

The Localization Tester will verify the linguistic quality (text and audio) of software and/or video games on current platforms. The tester will report spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation mistakes, as well as incorrect translations, context issues and incorrect terminology in a database, and propose corrections. The tester will execute these tasks with the help of a test plan and/or checklist and will send a daily report to the Lead Tester.

Task description:

• Verify the linguistic content in video games or software applications.
• Verify that the games are well-adapted to the target language and culture.
• Verify that platform-specific terminology is correctly implemented.
• Review and proofread translated text.
• Occasionally perform small translations.
• Write bug reports in a database.
• Suggest corrections/improvements for the text and audio.


• Perfect mastery of the test language.
• Degree in translation and/or equivalent experience is an advantage.
• Proficiency in writing and proofreading of texts.
• Good communication and team working skills.
• Ability to work independently and diligently.
• Good knowledge of PC hardware/software.
• Gaming experience would be an advantage.
• Excellent knowledge of English.

Several positions are available for different lengths of time. We have positions available in Paris and Montreal.
To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter to jobs@bug-tracker.fr (for France) or to jobs@bug-tracker.com (for Canada). Please specify in the subject of your email the title of the position you are applying for. You can also apply online on our website at www.bug-tracker.ca
The email should be addressed to David Cruau (Paris, France) or to Jessica Da Silva (Montreal, Canada).

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