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Service Agent (Portuguese/Spanish)

About the Job
In response to our growing network, we are currently looking for a Service Agent to help resolve client problems by identifying causes, finding temporary workarounds and suggesting long term solutions for our clients in South America. The South American Service Agent is also a product specialist that sits between the sales team and the technical team in a customer-facing environment. This role requires sharp analytics skills as well as confidence and presentation skills.

List of duties or tasks performed:
· Product demonstrations and product capabilities questions and answers
· Product training over the phone or in-person for prospects in the evaluation phase or comprehensive training for new customers
· Participation in customer discussion boards
· Assist with RFP/RFI responses related to technical needs
· Provide feedback into the product development cycle
· Second level problem isolation & resolution for hardware, software, network and content related issues.
· Provide extended support, service, and assistance of client configuration for BroadSign applications running on Win XP, XPE, and Linux.
· Network software configuration assistance.
· Fault isolation for LAN / WAN issues.
· Accept, validate and log calls from customers.
· Fully document all resolution steps.
· Ensure that resolutions are timely and dealt with in accordance with service level agreements
· Ensure an 'integrated' call center approach, i.e., the caller will experience a minimum number of call transfers, and efficient coordination will take place with other service providers.
· Documented support procedures are followed at all times.

Required Skills
· Excellent written and oral skills in English, Portuguese and Spanish
· Intricate knowledge of Windows and Linux operating systems, computer, network and display hardware.
· Knowledge of various content types from images to video and html files.
· Thorough understanding of TCP/IP and network topography.
· Ability to communicate to technical people on a technical level.
· Ability to communicate technical workarounds and solutions to first level support agents.

Personality Traits
· Ingenuity is the number 1 quality – an exact mix of technical skills and creativity
· Charisma is a close second because you are presenting to prospects during a buy-decision process
· Ability to adapt to exceptional situations regarding schedules related to presentations to international customers
· Organization and communication skills not just towards the clients, but internally as well
· Adapt to changes rapidly
· Strong work ethic.
· Strong interpersonal skills

To apply:

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