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Marketing/Office Manager

Job Description:

? Develop a marketing strategy and program that opens the expansion of our business in the United States
? Travel to and work in the U.S.
? Marketing and work in US which will also open doors in Canada
? Some one who understands business and what it takes to survive and expand in todays economy
? Innovative and new ideas.
? Both write and or modify computer programs that are pertinent to our business
? Market Kluane Helicopter Charter business under NAFTA into all countries that are party to NAFTA
? Research the requirements that are required under the environmental assessment board for applications to allow us to epand our current business in the Kluane National Park.
? Follow the permit process through from start to finish
? Market Kluane Helidopter Leasing of Aircraft into North America's biggest market
? All duties that will be expected of a manager.
? Produce operations manuals in conjunction with Chief Pilot, Operations manager and safety office
? Undate Maintenance manuals ? Write maintenance tracking program ? Write Pilot flight time duty time programs which follow Transport Canada requirements as well as FAA
? Write programs that track our marketing initiative be able to tweek these as needed in consultation with operations people.
? Company manuals will need to follow the company into the US operations and these have to be kept up and all documentation and records up to date.
? Tracking of all parts and assuring tracability for Transport Canada
? Process work Visa's to the United States all duties that pertain to company being able to work in the US and Mexico

? Chinese and/o
r Portuguese speaking an asset ? Must be able to work in United States

How To Apply:
Apply with resume and references to:
Contact Information: E-mail: kluaneheli@northwestel.net

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